Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At GoodJOB Corporation Inc. (hereinafter "GoodJOB," "we," "our"), information security and privacy protection are priorities.


This Privacy Policy applies to Personal Information (as defined below) collected from freelancers and clients using the GoodJOB platform ("Users" or "you"). It aims to describe our practices regarding Personal Information.

By "platform," we refer to both our website and the GoodJOB App mobile application, downloadable from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Collected Personal Information and Purposes

Personal Information refers to any information about an individual that directly or indirectly identifies them ("Personal Information"). Collection is generally limited to the following categories of Personal Information:

  • Name, First Name;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Social Insurance Number;
  • Employment experience information;
  • Email address, mailing address, phone numbers, and transportation information;
  • Banking information, if applicable.

We use collected Personal Information to:

  • Provide the platform to Users and ensure its security and optimal operation. The platform identifies job opportunities, refers freelancers to employers, and facilitates the transfer of amounts between employers and freelancers.
  • Identify a User and ensure the authenticity of this identification.
  • Provide technical support to Users.
  • Send newsletters and other promotional communications regarding our products, services, updates, news, tips & tricks, and special offers, if applicable.

We only use Personal Information for the purposes stated above, unless authorized by law in very limited cases without your consent.

We may collect Personal Information through registration forms or more broadly during your email, telephone, or in-person exchanges with our employees or representatives.

Your Consent

Your consent to the collection, use, or disclosure of your Personal Information must be explicit, free, and informed. It must be given for specific purposes. Depending on the nature and sensitivity of your Personal Information, your consent may be explicit (given verbally, in writing, or electronically) or implicit (when you voluntarily provide Personal Information, for example).

Generally, we will seek your consent at the time of collection, unless otherwise required or permitted by law.

Security and Governance

We have implemented administrative, physical, and technological security measures that are reasonable given the sensitivity, use, quantity, distribution, and support of Personal Information.

We take all reasonable means to reduce the risks of breaching the confidentiality of Personal Information, such as:

  • Applying the principles of maximum protection by default: ensuring that, by default, platform settings have the highest level of privacy without any intervention from you.
  • Conducting a privacy impact assessment when using or disclosing Personal Information is necessary for platform modification or deploying new features.

Communication of Your Personal Information

Recipient Description and Purpose Measures
Service providers, agents, subcontractors (our "Subcontractors") We may contract with Subcontractors to provide a service to our Clients, such as a platform feature. The contract obliges Subcontractors to:
• Use only the Personal Information necessary for providing the service.
• Refrain from disclosing or communicating Personal Information without our consent.
• Implement rigorous security measures.
• Allow us to audit these measures.
• Notify us immediately in case of a privacy incident.
• Destroy Personal Information at the end of a contract
To another party in a Commercial Transaction We may contract with a third party for the conclusion of a Commercial Transaction, defined as the sale or lease of all or part of our business or assets, a change in our legal structure through merger or otherwise, obtaining a loan or any other form of financing, or a security taken to secure one of our obligations ("Commercial Transaction"). The contract obliges the other party to:
• Use Personal Information solely for the purpose of concluding the Commercial Transaction.
• Implement rigorous security measures.
• Refrain from disclosing or communicating Personal Information without our consent.
• Notify us immediately in case of a privacy incident.
• Destroy Personal Information if the Transaction is not concluded or they are no longer needed for its conclusion
To legitimate authorities To comply with a court order or decision, including a valid search warrant, or regulatory authority, we may be required to provide Personal Information. The laws governing these authorities require them to implement measures to respect and preserve the confidentiality of your Personal Information
We inform Clients of any access requests by legitimate authorities to Personal Information regarding their authorized Users, to the extent permitted by the laws invoked by these legitimate authorities
À nos avocats ou procureurs To ensure our defense or assert our rights, we may, in certain cases, disclose your Personal Information. Both the law and the letters of engagement we sign require our lawyers to protect the confidentiality of all communications with them
  • Where? In providing our services, we may disclose Personal Information outside Quebec, notably to computer developers supporting the platform. When doing so, we conduct a privacy impact assessment. Information is only disclosed if this assessment demonstrates that it will receive adequate protection according to generally recognized principles of personal information protection.

  • Primary hosting The Subcontractor hosting our data is OVH servers inc. Data hosting for our platform by this Subcontractor takes place in Quebec.

  • Links to other services Our platform includes links to other services, including for background checks. These are not integrated into our platform services. The use of these other services is subject to the

privacy policies and terms and conditions of the providers of these services. We disclaim any responsibility in this regard.


We retain Personal Information about you only for the duration necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected, for compliance with legal retention requirements, and for the duration necessary to protect our legitimate business interests.

We reserve the right to establish, from time to time, policies for the destruction of Personal Information. If you request the destruction of your Personal Information, we will make reasonable efforts to comply with this request as quickly as possible.

Deletion of your User Account is done within 5 days of the request, although for technical reasons, some traces of your usage may remain in our systems, including logs and backups, for 12 months.

Your Rights

You have the rights to (a) access your Personal Information and (b) correct it if inaccurate or incomplete and complete it when incomplete. You can exercise these rights by sending an email to customer service at

You also have the right to withdraw your consent to the communication or use of your Personal Information by sending reasonable notice to the email address provided at the end of this Policy.

We will respond to any request within 30 days of its receipt, unless the law allows an extension of this period. In case of refusal, we will communicate the reasons, the applicable law articles, and information about your remedies, subject to the restrictions provided by law.

Privacy Officer

For any questions or requests regarding the Policy, you can send an email to the following address:


GoodJOB reserves the right to modify the content of this policy at any time. Any changes made will appear on our platform and will be brought to your attention when you log in. Such changes will be deemed accepted by you as long as you continue to use our platform thereafter. We recommend printing a copy of this policy and any modifications for your records. We also invite you to review this section of our website periodically.